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Kebab Bistro- A Parsi Treat

August 29, 2016

The moment I heard about the existence of Parsi Food in Dubai, I have been excited since and wanted to try this cuisine out. Eventually the said foray has been taken place and on one fine afternoon when we went to Kebab Bistro.

It was conveniently located near Karama Post office and one can find ample parking options available. I went there for Lunch.

It was around 3.30 in the evening we entered and we were the only people who were served at that time. It is a small place where hardly few people can have their meals at once. Pictorially presented the famous Parsi Personalities on its walls, this restaurant is nicely decorated but I feel the sitting arrangements are quite constrict.

Started with the Pani Poori, we tried their Dhansak, Sali Boti, and ambrosial Chapati.

Brief Introduction of the dishes:

SALI BOTI is a famous Persian dish with Lamb/Chicken cubes with shreded potato sticks sprinkle over it to form a complete dish. It is kind of a meat gravy with a difference of the potatoes used in it.

Dhansak is dish which combines elements of Persian and Gujrati Cuisines. It is made by cooking mutton with a mixture of lentils and vegetables. This is served with caramelized brown rice. The dal cooked with mutton and vegetables served with brown rice, altogether is called dhansak. In Parsi homes, dhansak is traditionally made on Sundays and also always had on the fourth day after the death of a near one. There is no meat consumed for three days after the death of a near one and dhansak is used to break this abstinence on the fourth day. It hence, is never prepared on auspicious occasions like festivals and weddings.

Food Review:

Pani Poori was average in taste and didn’t please us. The pani in fact was bland and didn’t have the kind of zing that one perhaps associate with Pani poori’s Pani.

Salli Boti was served with Chapati. Boy oh boy have I ever eaten better chapatis in Dubai then them, the answer certainly is no. It was for me the Queen of Chapatis served around the hotels of Dubai. Very soft, very hot, and very very tasty.The scrumptious pieces of hot hot served bread It actually lifted the entire food experience. Salli Boti is like meat gravy but in a different style. It was little sweet to my liking but with few drops of Lemon it became quite a dish. I liked this dish.

Dhansak was also good and I like the whole dish altogether. Rice were different than normally we are accustomed to eat but it was going well with the gravy.

As mentioned, there were no one else there in the restaurant so can’t figured out how do they perform in rush hours but we did get a good service and the person who looked after us was friendly helped us choosing out dishes.

It was a good experience for me to try some traditional stuff. I will be going back to try some of the other traditional dishes as well as their Kababs.

Kebab Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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